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✌🏻 I’m a creative director and graphic designer focusing on brand & comms design.

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Social / Brand Design / Editorial Art Direction / CG Product Films / Campaign / Entertainment / Experiential / Print & Apparel / Motion Reel

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Los York > Under Armour 

Base Layer

A brand design system for UA’s sub-brand BaseLayer.

UA Team Sarah Taylor, Giselle Archibald
Creative Direction & Design Serge Kirsanov.
Account Director Rachael Einrich, Melina Osario Andrade
Producer Danielle Hafferty 
Design & Animation Dorian Gourg, Radu Pose, Serge Kirsanov, Ha Eun Chang, Greg Fisk 

After we completed the first Under Armour Protect This House rebrand, UA came to us once again, this time to create a language based off of “PTH” but with it’s own identity.  Base Layer is UA’s product DNA, it’s where the company started. It’s what you wear under your uniform.

There’s two types, wear ColdGear when it’s cold and HeatGear when it’s hot. Red for Heat, Blue for Cold.  Please reach out for a complete look at the system. 



Nike > Jordan Brand

All Star Weekend 

Experiential content for All Star Weekend – Los Angeles.

Jordan Brand Creative Director: Derrick C. Lee
Content Agency: Los York
Agency Creative Director: Serge Kirsanov
Photographer: Carlos Serrao
Executive Producer: Martha Smith
Producer: Maris Herrington
Lead Designer & Animator: Kenneth Kegley
Designer & Animator: Adam Linden
Editor: Dominic LaPerriere
Coordinators: Sterling Adgate, Sara Robin

            Los Angeles got some additional star power as NBA players poured in for the league’s annual All-Star game, which took place at the Staples Center on Sunday, Feb. 17. But the weekend wasn’t all basketball. There were plenty of lounges, concerts and night-time celebrations. Jordan Brand had multiple event sites all over the city including tournaments, roof-top parties, workshops, concerts, and retail. We created type design animations and films, concert visuals and activation projections. For consistency we deployed JB’s ASW indentiy featuring bold, authentic typogrpahy. Want to check out some more? Check out the “recap” film here.

Space 1: Studio 23

            An invite-only shoe lab and retail activation, complete with 2 recording studios and a partnership with Interscope Records. We made a variety of films for the specific spaces in the experience:  a split LED screen entryway, a video wall, and a 4-channel 2 story projection. Below is one of the films we put together with a variety of captured and existing footage. The GIFs are showing some of the spaces where these films were projected.   

Below: Jon Lopez

Below: Astound


Above photo: SouthSouth West

Space 2: #23Black Event
Below photo: Projected visuals on shipping containers. 

             The brand hosted Travis Scott, SZA, and many other performers for the night cap that closed off the weekend.  The identity was  deployed as animating typographic content overlayed on top of live action visuals that were projected at the exclusive live concert. The visuals were projection mapped onto 3 different stacks of  shipping container pyramids set behind the performers. 

Above: Travis Scott, SZA
Below:   Concert Visual Animations