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I’m freelancing at Falkon Content as the creative director and live-action director for their Jordan Brand account. Falkon is the Content AOR for Jordan.  As a content agency we specialize in creating photography, design, experiences and films for the brand’s digital, social, and retail platforms. Looking for more experiential or traditional agency projects? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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Motion + Product / Campaign Content / Live-Action Direction / Experiential / Print Graphic Design
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Nike>Jordan Brand

Chicago Collaborator’s Collection

Jordan Brand and Eight Chicago Collaborators Unite for NBA All-Star 2020.

Jordan Brand Creative Director Derrick C. Lee
Content Agency Falkon
Agency CD, Live Action Director & Polaroids Serge Kirsanov
Photographer Nick Maggio
Agency AD, Design Adam Linden

             A digital, social, & OOH campaign featuring Virgil Abloh, Chance The Rapper’s Social Works, Lyrical Lemondade, Drew the Barber, Sheila Rasheed, SucceZZ, W.I.N.G.S., & Cody Hudson. 

Inspired by the colors of Chicago’s 8 iconic train routes, the city’s top influencers offer signature collections that are right on track. The campaign serves as a canvas for the Chicago creative community to represent their neighborhoods through footwear and apparel as they reimagine what Jordan Brand’s ‘Unite’ rallying cry means to the city of Chicago.

We photographed and filmed each group of influencers on unique colors that tied them back to the city’s metro system as well as their custom apparel and shoe designs. We also took to the underground as we captured each group in the Chicago subway. 
The content rolled out across all channels and was featured across both Nike (SNKRS app) and Jordan brand platforms. The campaign celebrated Chicago in the sneaker community as it prefaced and was integrated into a very special NBA All Star Weekend 2020 which was also held in Chicago for the first time in decades.

As the agency, we deliver a “Visual Center” for the brand to distribute to it’s partners, vendors, and other agencies. It serves as an incredibly detailed style guide about how and which assets should be used.

Photos by Nick Maggio. 
Live-action director Serge Kirsanov.
Photos: Nick Maggio. 

Above: Dot Com & Mobile Below: Content film for Virgil Abloh. Everyone in the campaign had a video story.  

We shot polaroids of every influencer and asked them to sign each one, this brought about authentic supportive content aligned with the mixed media approach of the ‘Unite’ brand voice. 
Polaroids: Serge Kirsanov

The SNKRS team picked up the content for their app. Featurettes on each influencer were edited to create context for each drop. If you’re viewing this on mobile, and have the SNKRS app check out the feed here.

Nike>Jordan Brand

Neymar Jr.

‘UNITE’ Capsule. 
Jordan Brand CD Desmond Marzette
Director Serge Kirsanov
Cinematography Leo Histin
Editor Josh Hegard
Color Rick Wilson

            ‘UNITE’ is Jordan Brand’s rallying cry for the Jumpman community. The campaign features cultural icons from fashion to music and of course sports. Past films have feautured NAS, Virgil Abloh, Kim Jones, Teyanna Taylor
I was fortunate enough to direct this film for Neymar Jr. shot in Paris with Jordan’s EMEA team.  At the end of the day, hard work is simply that, regardless of where you came from or what you’re dreaming to become. ‘Ney’ finds parallels between hip-hop, basketball, and soccer cultures – tying them together with the fundamentals of dreaming big and working harder than anyone else. As he explains how M.J. was his idol, his narrative comes full circle as he becomes the Michael Jordan of his generation. We shot on digital and 16mm film.