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👋 I’m a creative director and graphic designer focusing on brand & comms design.

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Social / Brand Design / Editorial Art Direction / Product Films / Campaign Content / Film / Experiential / Print & Apparel / Motion Reel

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Los York > Under Armour 

Base Layer

A brand design system for UA’s sub-brand BaseLayer.

UA Team Sarah Taylor, Giselle Archibald
Creative Direction & Design Serge Kirsanov.
Account Director Rachael Einrich, Melina Osario Andrade
Producer Danielle Hafferty 
Design & Animation Dorian Gourg, Radu Pose, Serge Kirsanov, Ha Eun Chang, Greg Fisk 

After we completed the first Under Armour Protect This House rebrand, UA came to us once again, this time to create a language based off of “PTH” but with it’s own identity.  Base Layer is UA’s product DNA, it’s where the company started. It’s what you wear under your uniform.

There’s two types, wear ColdGear when it’s cold and HeatGear when it’s hot. Red for Heat, Blue for Cold.  Please reach out for a complete look at the system. 



Los York > Dexton Deboree 

Unbanned: The Legend Of A.J.1

Creative development and art direction for a feature length documentary about Michael Jordan’s AJ1. 

Director and ECD Dexton Deboree 
Production Company Los York
Creative Director Serge Kirsanov 
Main Titles Director Shane “@Grif” Griffin

Post Producer Alex Triviado
Animation Art Directors Daniel Khlohn
Design and Art Direction
Serge Kirsanov, John Qudoe Lee, Daniel Khlohn, Angela Wong, Jose Checa, Chris Phillips, Shane Griffin, Morten Kühl Christensen, Sam Cividanis  
Producer Nick Thomas, Chad Cork

The Jordan AJ1 was born amid unlikely circumstances, tapped a cultural nerve deep inside a generation and transcended sport to become a global phenomenon - on and off the court. This film looks beyond its iconic image and much deeper than its inherent connection to its namesake - the greatest basketball player of all time, to explore its role in giving birth to the multi-billion dollar sneaker culture, reshaping the game of basketball and influencing popular culture for over 3 decades.
I sat down with the director, Dex Deboree, and we started talking about a general idea of what this film wanted to feel like.

From there I created a treatment, with an outline for the main titles, which were to be their own short film, and the art direction for the film graphics which were an integral part of the story telling due to the lack of live action footage. 

Dex and I agreed that Shane Griffin would be the artist to create the main titles film. I then worked with designer John Quodoe Lee to develop the visual langauge. We did some early animation tests that set a motion system and an ownable language. Once we knew where we were going we brought it Daniel Khlohn to art direct the animation of the in-film graphics. 

From there, Dex looked towards the marketing of the film across the extremely loud sneaker & streetwear spaces. I helped with those efforts working on creative direction across social and OOH in partnerhsip with our IMM partners. 

The Main Titles. 
For the main titles, I pitched a short film entirely made in 3D that took us on a “Hero’s Journey.” The conceptual reason for this was to  personify the shoe as the protagonist of the film vs. Michael Jordan himself.  Go check out the titles sequence on Grif’s site.  
Press & OOH Marketing


Palden Weinreb > Artist monograph & photography.


Creative direction for NY based mixed-media sculptor Palden Weinreb’s solo show in London enititled Veiled Realms. 

Inspired and informed by Buddhist thought and motifs, the artist’s three-dimensional works explore the idea of existence, focusing especially on one of the core teachings of Buddhism: the conscious detachment from the illusions of the earthly realm and the escape from samsara (the repeating cycle of life and death).

Design & Photography
Serge Kirsanov

Rossi & Rossi (London, United Kingdom)