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Fly 89

Jordan Brand CD Jon Tudor + Nick Parkinson
Agency Los York
Creative Director Serge Kirsanov
Art Director + 3D Sam Cividanis
Design Kenneth Robin
Sound Design Echo Lab
Editor Ryan Delk

Product superiority film for social, digital, and retail product walls.

Inspired by the Eclipse, distinguished through the AJIV. The Jordan Fly 89 is designed to offer lightweight comfort with a drop in lunar midsole. A modern classic simplified for today’s hustle.

Product superiority films are marketing motion assets that are used in concert with print assets photographed in studio. They aesthetically mimic the creative direction, which in this case was “black on white on white” and “high contrast” with art directed props that elicit the late eighties. The motion component needs to tell an additional story, incorporate sound and resolve in the print Key Visual. EchoLab did the sound focusing on late-80’s hip hop Roland 808’s.

Above are the practical visuals from the campaign. This give you an idea of how we build a unifying visual story across print and motion. Photography led by Jonathan Tudor and Unruh/Jones.