Los York > Under Armour 

Base Layer

A brand design system for UA’s sub-brand BaseLayer.

UA Team Sarah Taylor, Giselle Archibald
Creative Direction & Design Serge Kirsanov.
Account Director Rachael Einrich, Melina Osario Andrade
Producer Danielle Hafferty 
Design & Animation Dorian Gourg, Radu Pose, Serge Kirsanov, Ha Eun Chang, Greg Fisk 

After we completed the first Under Armour Protect This House rebrand, UA came to us once again, this time to create a language based off of “PTH” but with it’s own identity.  Base Layer is UA’s product DNA, it’s where the company started. It’s what you wear under your uniform.

There’s two types, wear ColdGear when it’s cold and HeatGear when it’s hot. Red for Heat, Blue for Cold.  Please reach out for a complete look at the system.