Brand Design > Under Armour

Protect This House

A flexible and expressive design system for the Iconic shoe and apparel brand. 

UA Alex Bardoff 
ECD, CD, Strategist & Copy
Scott Hidinger, Serge Kirsanov, Graham Wesley Lewis. 
Agency  Los York
Producer Rachael Einrich, Melina Osario Andrade
Design & Animation Dorian Gourg, Matt Barretto, Radu Pose, Austin Welsley, Laura Pol, Serge Kirsanov, Ha Eun Chang, Greg Fisk, Sasha Chertok. 

Protect This House means we don’t just celebrate the win, we celebrates the messy, tireless, up-before-dawn process that goes into winning.

An attitude best summarized in two words, F*ck Perfect. It’s an affirmation of our commitment to protect the grind that goes into greatness, our spiritual and tonal North Star.

If this design system visually represents the process of the team sport athlete, we must then further drill into what that process really means and what it looks like.

We break it down into 5 main pillars critical to team athlete success. These are Body, Mental Edge, Strategy, Technique and Theory. As we position each of these pillars in relation to the UA brand voice we see a few patterns emerge.

We’re using these 5 categories as a organizational system for our various design elements. The range of categorization assigns value to graphic elements from the gritty physicality of THE WORK, all the way to the planned, intentional, and polished elements of THE WIN.

We then combine these elements in ratios to create the desired effect. 
Photo Voice - The PTH design system is consistent of cooler tones of grey. For photo assets to work well with our graphics, finishing in a cool territory was recommended. We did develop lighting and style techniques for premium and low-fi shooting.

(Above) Photo Voice Reference Images : by Director Travis Hanour.

Design System Elements 

1. brutalist grid 
2. color palette 
3. typographic system
4. court inspired line elements
5. a 3D logo system
6. stickers and
7. custom textures

These were developed to create a flexible and expressive design language capable of sustaining an extended length of time and a large volume of products expressed across a broad range of channels.

Motion System - parallel to defining the design system we started to explore what it looked like in motion, across organic and paid social as well as broadcast.